Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paper meets Potter

" I love your paper. I probably should not tell you this .... I am a potter and I look for your most textured paper. I then run it through a slab roller on top of thin clay and the paper makes beautiful patterns on the clay." Mary

It is just amazing the life that some of these sheets of paper are leading. They are not content to stay in their homeland, they are true travellers of the universe, ready to take on whatever comes their way. You would think that the trip from India to Australia would be fulfilling enough, but don't be fooled for a moment. Some sheets hang around for a while soaking up the Aussie way of life but after a while the travel bug bites again and off they go - to the US of A, America that is, just off the East coast of Australia.
Connecting People
Through Paper its Possible

Stand up and be counted

Imagine a field of zebras wearing pink bows on their tails strutting their stuff in the happy birthday parade. Thanks Andrea for your outstanding statement. When imagination collides head on with paper: watch out!
Happy birthday Cara!