Friday, December 17, 2010

Bondi Markets Sunday Jan 2nd
Come to the Bondi markets, in the school grounds near the beach on Sunday, the 2nd of January. You will be able to get large sheets of handmade cotton and silk paper. I will also have smaller specialty papers depicting the kings and queens, palaces and stamps of India past. The old Hindi papers will be there as well with the handpainted deities, ready to frame. I will have papers with beautiful silk fibre as well as 100% cotton papers that are great to work with whatever your plans; scrapbooking, framing, art work, for children. So, come and explore the beauty and diversity of India in the most fundamentally pleasing product: paper. Every paper purchase is contributing to the support of unskilled workers in the paper industry which employs many people in small family run businesses across India. Itspaper is supporting one such small family run business; see you there.